3 Things To Watch Out For When Throwing A Toddler Party

There is nothing quite as daunting as throwing a party for your 2 -3 year old toddler. If all their friends are around the same age, you have got to be prepared for a bunch of screaming, hyper-active kids. Make sure to invite their parents as well so that you don’t end up being the baby sitter for all of them. Here are the 3 main things you need to prepare in advance before throwing your toddler his party.


By setting a theme, you will give an indication to the parents of your toddler’s friends on what to wear to the party. Once you have a theme in place, it will also be easier to look for decorations and food ideas. The most popular theme is the Superhero theme.


If you feel that preparing the food is too much work, you can always call in the caterers. There are many companies out there who cater for parties of all sizes. This way, the food will be guaranteed to be tasty as well!


You should choose fun games which are short as a toddler’s attention span is usually quite short. Think of simple games like musical chairs and passing the ball. Make sure you have presents for the winners as this will incentivise the kids to play.